“ELI MANNING SUCKS” – Love, Tiki Barber

Eli Manning Sucks – San Diego Chargers Football“. Yep. That’s a t-shirt, framed,  with Eli Manning wearing a Chargers hat upon being drafted (and promptly traded). And yes, that very t-shirt is signed by Tiki Barber, his former running back… and former Giants TE, Howard Cross… who was retired a few years before Eli ever came into the league. I know that Tiki was butthurt that the Giants won the Super Bowl the year he left, but man… signing a “Eli Manning Sucks” t-shirt? Even I think that is childish. I don’t like Eli at all because of what he and Archie did to San Diego… but that’s just sports stuff. I actually believe Eli is a good person. Tiki though? Tiki is a world-class prick, so this doesn’t surprise me one bit.


[lobbed by John over at BFTB via Slaters 50/50 – where that t-shirt resides on the wall in their Liberty Station location here in San Diego]

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