NFL is Going Pink… Like, Really Pink

I love supporting the cause, obviously… who wouldn’t? But it’s hard to not be a little overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of pink that the NFL is pumping out this year. So get ready to see a lottttttttttttt of pink out on the gridiron.

Let’s not forget this pink Bentley that graced Chargers park last year.

Bolt up?


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2 Responses to NFL is Going Pink… Like, Really Pink

  1. T-Bear says:

    Crucify me but I think it has become too much. Too much with the pink and too much with the specific cause.

    I know much of the awareness and money goes to cancer research but the strides in breast cancer versus those in other areas like pancreatic or colon cancer make me feel that other forms of the disease are not receiving the necessary funding and attention to make remotely similar progress.

    • bp says:

      i, too, am overwhelmed by it. would be nice if they spread around the charity love.

      alas, it’s a very noble cause…and it’s better than doing nothing by the NFL.

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