Grounds for Boycotting VH1 Forever…

You’re just trying to piss people off, right VH1? This is just a giant troll to get Lobshots to post about you? I’ll let it work, just this time. I never watch VH1 as it is, but you can bet your sweet ass I’m not gonna start now. Comparing Michael Jackson to Lil Wayne is like comparing the Beatles to Nickelback. It’s a freaking travesty. Stupidest question ever asked in the history of questions. I don’t care if it’s part of some stupid bracket and Weezy is ranked no. 64 and MJ is no. 1. Still doesn’t justify this kind of idiocy. You suck, VH1…

[lobbed by John]

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2 Responses to Grounds for Boycotting VH1 Forever…

  1. Mac says:

    Was having a nice little morning, sipping my green tea, perusing the news of the world and BLAMMO! Like a punch in the face, Lil Wayne and MJ should never ever be discussed together, let alone compared. You shouldn’t even be able to say their names on the same day. If you mention MJ, you have to wait a mandatory full day before you can mention Lil Weezballs. Punishable by having to listen to Nicki Minaj for 5 hours.

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