Yunel Escobar is a Homophobe

Yunel Escobar. Shortstop. Blue Jay… Idiot.

“TU ERE MARICON”. If my San Diego public school education serves me right, that Spanish phrase translates to “You’re a faggot.”

I’m baffled. Escobar let someone write “You’re a faggot” on his eye black.  He undoubtedly looked in the mirror and agreed with his face (Which creates a hilarious level of irony).  Then he proceeded to go out in public and give every single person he looked at a double-cheeked middle finger.

In a society sensitive to these types of slurs, and in a league with a very large number of Spanish speaking players, Escobar doesn’t deserve to be one of them.

- Showman

[h/t Cosby Sweaters]

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4 Responses to Yunel Escobar is a Homophobe

  1. Crew says:

    “Well the word “faggot” really means a bundle of sticks you used for kindling in a fire. Now in the middle ages when they used to burn people they thought were witches, they used to burn homosexuals too. And they used to burn the witches at the stake, but they thought the homosexuals were too low and disgusting to be given a stake to be burned on, so they used to just throw the in with the kindling with the other “faggots”. So that’s how you get “flaming faggot”. You might want to know that every gay man in America has probably had that word shouted at them when they’re being beaten up, sometimes many times, sometimes by a lot of people all at once. So when you say it, it kind of brings that all back up.” -Rick Crom

  2. M. says:

    I am the mother of a gay child .So angry and disappointed. Escobar needs to come over and look at my family photo’s and see how much our gay child is loved! He isa loved son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousins . Spit on you EScobar!!!

  3. Fortunata says:

    I have two issues with Yunel. In addition to being a bigot, he also can’t spell. Cubans are infamous for dropping letters when they speak but that doesn’t mean you omit then when writing. ‘Tu ere maricon’ doesn’t actually even make sense. Next time he should write, “Soy estupido”.

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