Behind the Scenes with the Petco Park Grounds Crew

That’s a photo of the star that the Padres grounds crew mowed into the outfield for Jerry Coleman’s statue unveiling. Pretty cool. It’s the little things about professional sports that oftentimes fascinate me. I follow Luke Yoder on twitter. He’s the Head Groundskeeper for the Pads. He posts a lot of photos of the grounds crew keeping Petco Park a beautiful place. I think it’s pretty cool. Take this photo, for example.

That’s a grounds crew member doing a sweep of the outfield with an airport runway magnet to pic up any metal debris after an event before mowing the lawn. Here’s what he picked up.

See? Pretty cool. Here are a few other things you’ll find in Luke’s twitter feed.

A photo of one of the many events they hold during road trips.

Pulling up cores in the grass. You know, the stuff you swore was a billion pounds of dog crap when you’d go to the park as a kid.

A neat moth. Big friggin’ moth.

Hanging out with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… because, why not? Anyway, I thought some of that stuff was cool. If you do too, go follow @luke_yoder. Go Pads.


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5 Responses to Behind the Scenes with the Petco Park Grounds Crew

  1. lonndoggie says:

    I follow Luke on Twitter, too. A lot of work goes into keeping that field pristine, and he and his team are on it.

    Keep an eye out on KPBS for this episode of “California’s Gold” — Baseball Sod. It starts out at Coachella where they grow it–Luke’s interviewed there, checking it out. They also go to Angel Stadium (or “The Big A”, when I was a kid) to show how they install it.

  2. T-Bear says:

    No hand grenades in the metal sweeper?! Surprising . . .

  3. Luke Yoder says:

    Thanks for the recognition. There will be more where that came from. Check out the recent Tweets from today at the sod farm in the desert. @luke_yoder



  4. Rick U says:

    Am I better off watering my lawn for 30 minutes one day per week or 5 minutes daily or 10 minutes every 2 days?. Tiff lawn, rain bird popup heads, 1 mile from beach in Encinitas.

  5. Dave Lange says:

    I have been to Petco Park many times. Just outside the Western Metals Padres
    Store there are cement planters that hold Clumping Bamboo. Can anyone tell
    me what species these are. I am landscaping my home and I have never seen
    a Clumping Bamboo this nice. If you can tell me I would really appreciate it.
    Best Regards,
    Dave Lange

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