The Padres vs. Cardinals “Streaker” Guy Getting Arrested

There he is… pretty grainy… but they got him. I put “streaker” in quotes in the title because that’s what everybody was calling him last night, but the dude is fully clothed. That’s not streaking. I was at the game, in the Fox Sports San Diego suite with some radical bloggers and the Fox Sports San Diego girls. Very nice of them to have us. I ran to the restroom, so of course missed this idiot running around the field and dodging security before hopping the center-field fence. Anyway, here’s a collection of photos I found of this joker.

They should’ve tazed him.


[arrest photo from jeff]

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2 Responses to The Padres vs. Cardinals “Streaker” Guy Getting Arrested

  1. SDPads1 says:

    LIAR! You were not in the restroom. Unless you were outside the suite because your whole “crew” or “gang” or “posse” or whatever you young folk are calling it nowadays were all nowhere to be seen when that happened. We all thought it was you “streaking”.

    • bp says:

      ha. the only reason i did this post was to prove it wasn’t me streaking. and i WAS in the restroom, it just wasn’t the FSSD suite restroom.

      lies do not become us.

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