So, are the ‘Fierce Five’ a Good Luck Charm for the Padres?

Of course the US gymnast gold medalists threw out the first pitch of the Padres vs. Dodgers game in LA yesterday. Head over here for video and coverage of this earth shattering event. You already know how much I love Gabby Douglas. But what was most impressive was that McKayla threw from the mound and made it over the plate… We know that McKayla Maroney is a Chargers fan, so it might irk some of you lobsters that she’s repping the Dodgers here. However, keep in mind, the Padres won this game, so you can just thank your little US gymnast good luck charms for the dub-ya.


So, the answer to the title is clearly “no”. In addition, I’ll be teaching a class, Blogging 101, later on today. All are welcome. Good talk, russ.


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2 Responses to So, are the ‘Fierce Five’ a Good Luck Charm for the Padres?

  1. little caster says:

    Finally discovered what it takes to impress McKayla Maroney – Matt Kemp. Can’t blame her.

  2. Rydazzle says:

    Kemp: not impressed.

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