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Atta Boy

So the Ryder Cup is happening. Get fired up. -bp [.gif via @bubbaprog]

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AJ Smith With Some Encouraging Words for Ryan Mathews

Before we get started here… is this my finest artwork ever? Just might be. I don’t know what the hell is up A.J. Smith’s ass, but good grief… is all this really necessary? Yeah, we get it. Ryan needs to … Continue reading

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Cromartie Continues to Make an Ass of Himself…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cromartie just came out and said that, with Revis out, he’s not only the best Jets cornerback… he’s the best cornerback in the NFL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! “I have said that I’m the second-best corner in the NFL. I’m not backing … Continue reading

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TJ Lang Has Accomplished Something Remarkable…

“He got retweeted more than anybody ever! More than Biebs and Mayweather, blah blah blah.” Nope. His remarkable task is that he’s been moonlighted as the Packers beat writer under an alias while playing O-line for the team. Well played, … Continue reading

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Better MLB White Guy Fro: Randy Jones or Mike Schmidt?

So, I just got blown up for suggesting that Mike Schmidt has the best white guy fro in baseball history. Listen, I could be a homer and just say that Randy Jones wins the fro competition, hand down, no contest… … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mike Schmidt

Fact: Best third baseman in the history of baseball. To the best of my memory, best white guy fro to ever grace a Major League diamond. **update: I’m already getting blown up on twitter for not saying Randy Jones was … Continue reading

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This Zidane Statue – I Don’t Get It

So, they put up a statue in Paris of Zidane head-butting that Italian bird. Why? Wasn’t this a moment of national shame for them? Why put up a friggin’ statue? Don’t. Get. It. Holy crap! Look how huge it is! … Continue reading

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Rays Rookie Hazing…

You know I love me a good rookie hazing. Joe Maddon posted that pic. Love that man. Here’s of video of these Jane Fonda-ettes rocking to Call Me Maybe… that’s David Price filming them in the outfield at Fenway. So … Continue reading

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Hey Florio – Rip Off More of My Jokes

That’s a ProFootballTalk tweet from this morning. Mike Florio. These national media guys think they’re so badass. They’re not. Most pretend they don’t read Lobshots. They do. Florio stealing my Hercules/Hochuli flow here. “ZOMG. LOLZ. That Mike Florio is sooooooooo … Continue reading

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See what I did there? The real refs are back, lobsters. Finally we have something legitimate to bitch about. NFL Insider Jason La Canfora is reporting the deal is done. Raise ya hands! Hallelujah! It’s ya teeth Reggie, I don’t know whether … Continue reading

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