Analyst Says Chargers Are Worst Team in the NFL

You freaking kidding me with this crap, Akbar? Pass the hippy lettuce to someone else, my friend, you’ve had too much. Not only is it asinine to say the Bolts will be the worst team in the league, it’s ridiculous to say that the Chargers would replace Philip Rivers with Matt Barkley. The only way either scenario could possibly come true is if Rivers and Clipboard Jesus go down. If that happens, well, then Akbar is a prophetic genius…. if not, he’s just a troll.


[h/t Ernie]

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3 Responses to Analyst Says Chargers Are Worst Team in the NFL

  1. John Gennaro says:

    Former Chargers and Aztec. He has some ax to grind.

  2. Nate Sorensen says:

    Wow, I personally don’t know much about this guy or his work and I check in to daily; maybe his intention is to say something so off the wall stupid as to draw attention to himself? That’s the only rational(if somewhat pathetic on his behalf) reason I can think he wrote that, and if you’re serious bud… .. put down the crack pipe and rejoin us. It’s amazing how ridiculous some people can be, a couple years ago people were saying ‘well it looks like Eli may be on the decline,’ because of his high rate of interception that year. Who won the Superbowl last year?! Let’s all settle down and let Rivers throw a regular season pass before we discard him and say the Bolts will be the worst team in the NFL. That just cracks me up, the worst team in the NFL?! Go back to clown college and finish your degree Akbar, this piece you wrote could be your thesis. It’s the best joke I’ve read in awhile.

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