Finally – The Famous Lauren Tannehill Photoshoot

I got an email from our photographer friend Roger Snider that he was ready to release the photos from the Behind the Scenes Lauren Tannehill photo shoot we introduced to the internet a few months ago. Shockingly, after Maxim turned down the photos for their magazine, no other magazine has purchased the spread. If you don’t recall, I had a rather heated email exchange with Maxim’s director of photography where she threatened to take legal action against Lobshots. No thanks.  So, Roger sent the photos to us to share.  Maybe the big boys like and will give us credit this time instead of poaching the pictures and failing to mention us like last time…doubt it. Either way, enjoy internet!

Here’s what Roger had to say about the photos:

Here are the most talked about photos of Lauren. After a crazy summer of internet rumors about these and Hard Knocks coming to a close, I thought this would be a good time to finally release these low versions of the Miami Dolphin themed shoot.
Photo credits:
Art Director – Brett Norton
Stylist – Lindsey Dupuis
Make Up – Mary Klimek
Photo Assistant – Chet Hay
Lauren is wearing a vintage Miami Dolphins T-shirt and American Apparel.
Thanks to Suzanne Cella and Kathleen at the AA store in Beverly Hills.

Thanks Roger… and Lauren, you look fabulous. Tell Ryan we said good luck this year.


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5 Responses to Finally – The Famous Lauren Tannehill Photoshoot

  1. Paul says:

    Thank you sir!

    Watermark these badboys and then you will have to get the credit.

  2. Amanda W. says:

    Not at all surprised Maxim passed on these.

    This woman is not bosomy enough, her legs are too skinny, her shoes are absoutely terrible, belly rings are very 2001 and the poses are way too conservative and not nearly sexy enough for that mag.

    That’s not to say she’s not very, very beautiful – just not Maxim material.

    Best pic is the first one.

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