I don’t usually do caption contests, but I’m excited to see in the comments section what you lobsters come up with — I’ll change the headline to the winning caption.


[photo lobbed by Potter and Colin]

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11 Responses to “Canadian”

  1. jackson says:

    “calves like those are made in the gym – they’re made in nature.”

  2. jeff says:

    “It’s not a skirt, it’s a KILT!”

  3. Van Diesel says:


  4. jonesy says:

    “Next time we should take a pic of the hot chick in the background”

  5. bp says:

    Damn I look good!

  6. J dot says:

    7 Eleven serves liquor!?

  7. Rydazzle says:

    Shit Frank, for the last time: it’s Teh-va NOT Tee-va!

  8. Rydazzle says:

    7 Eleven’s got to have a bathroom right?

  9. Rydazzle says:

    Es ist die Supercuts. Vielen Dank für die Durchführung meiner Schläger.

  10. MississippiSteve says:

    “Dude, you got the flippers? Cool, Ima go shit in this 7-11 real quick”

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