The White Sox Win at Traveling — Caddyshack Style…

Caddyshack theme for Pale Hose and their trip to Baltimore on Monday. Below are some close ups of the Chris Sale, Youk, and A.J. Perzhoweveryouspellhisname. For the record, this could have easily been called “John Daly Travel Day.”

I love that in the team photo up top… Peavy is checking his watch down on the bottom right with a “get me the hell outta here” look on his face.


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One Response to The White Sox Win at Traveling — Caddyshack Style…

  1. T-Bear says:

    I am impressed with AJ’s ability to take a cheesy, comedy-themed wardrobe and still emanate pure douchiness. That takes a certain lack of class that few can claim not to have.

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