Padres Are The Hottest Team in Baseball — ESPN Couldn’t Possibly Care Less

Eight straight. EIGHT STRAIGHT! Pretty freaking impressive. The Casey Kelly era began with a bang. Six shutout innings, and some run support from our catcher of the future, Yasmani Grandal…led to a 3-0 win over the BARVES. It was perfect. ESPN’s main MLB page didn’t even recognize the amazing start to the career of Kelly, or the fact that the Padres have the longest winning streak in all of baseball. So I fixed their stupid little headlines section of to the right of their page. See what I did there? “Win 8 str8″?! 8 STR8!!

Clever just pours out of my pores. Ohhhhhhh!!!! I did it again! Pours. Pores.

*punches self in face*


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3 Responses to Padres Are The Hottest Team in Baseball — ESPN Couldn’t Possibly Care Less

  1. T-Bear says:

    Reds fan here. I feel your pain. The Red’s 10 straight was forgotten before it was hardly mentioned.

    Since when did Southern California become ‘fly over’ country?

    • bp says:

      you’re in first place. you don’t feel our pain.

      • T-Bear says:

        Ahem, *removes monocle and cleans as speaking* not just first place (condescending tone) ol’ chap, but the best record in all of Major League Baseball (spoken so dismissively as to create a still more arrogant tone). Just imagine, (long pause as if to grant time to imagine) what this team will be when Mr. Votto returns this week.

        Okay, I see your point.

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