Feel Good Freshness: Tebow Style

Jets played the Panthers last night… and the above .gif… that’s the kinda night our boy Tebow had. Not so hot. Yet, despite having a very sub-par game performance, Tim Tebow did what Tim Tebow does… made the world a better place one person at a time. I don’t say that with a hint of sarcasm. I love this man. Here’s what he did after the Jets loss.

Jonathan Jones covers the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer.

You may not like Tebow the QB, but if you can’t appreciate Tim Tebow the person… go to your room, close the door and turn on Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. Put it on repeat until you do…


[.gif via CJ, tweets via]

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2 Responses to Feel Good Freshness: Tebow Style

  1. T-Bear says:

    In TT’s defense, perhaps that .gif was a warmup throw to the guy in the wheel chair while he sat in the 1st row. A less cool version of the Babe Ruth pointing Home Run legend if you will . . .

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