Three of the Happiest Men in America…

That’s Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez and Nick Punto flying first class from Boston to LA. Not sure where Carl Crawford is, but holy crap, I CANNOT BELIEVE this trade actually happened. I guess it’s not 100% official, but close. Talk about a freaking salary dump by Boston here. Wow.

Sure, there’s a bazillion dollars involved… but this trade gets vetoed by the commissioner of every fantasy baseball league in America. Real life though? “Sure! Let’s do it!” Unreal. Here’s to hoping that Phil Mickelson loves the idea of keeping pace with Magic Johnson.

Dodgers to the World Series! Eff you Giants!


[via Nick Punto’s twitter]

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3 Responses to Three of the Happiest Men in America…

  1. Dave says:

    I know I’ve said it a bazillion times. But BP, you CANNOT be a Padres fan and Dodgers fan at the same time. Adrian should get boo’d like crazy when the Dodgers come to Petco (I know you’ll think otherwise). The spending spree the Dodgers are going on right now is about as good for the sport as the Yankees & Red Sox of the 90-00′s and the Angels earlier this year. Here’s to hoping they fail miserably…

  2. J dot says:

    Pretty sure that’s a private jet based on the guy sitting sideways in the back. I’m sure LA could spring for that little perk to seal the deal!

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