San Diego Sports Themed TOMS Shoes…

I don’t have any problem admitting I own a pair of Toms. My wife and daughter both had ‘em and I thought they were only for chicks. I was wrong. They’re awesome. Love the company. One for One. You buy a pair… they give a pair to a child in need. It’s very cool. Now, they’ve got these campus classics shoes… and although SDSU didn’t make the list…. they kinda did. So did the Chargers, even though they aren’t a college. So did the Padres. We can thank Texas Tech, UCLA, and the University of Virginia for this. Let me lay it out for you…

They’re $48 a pop over at the Toms website. Have at it, lobsters.


[thanks to rovell for bringing the collection to my attention]


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3 Responses to San Diego Sports Themed TOMS Shoes…

  1. Fortunata says:

    Oh Toms, thou art so smart, and rich. Mostly smart for selling shoes that cost $3 to make for $48. At least they give a pair away.

    • bp says:

      i’ll take the over on $3… barely.

      i have no problem with them turning a profit on willing consumers who pay for it….and like you said, they give to the needy. incredibly noble.

  2. jonesy says:

    No thanks, Ill stick with my 80′s Karate shoes……….

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