Oh, To Have Watched an 1886 Baseball Game…

Look at these guys! The 1886 Boston Braves Beaneaters… check out the dude in the middle. That top hat!  Now, if you will, draw your attention to the crowd. You kidding me with all those bowler hats? Holy crap. I can’t stop staring. The mustaches… this picture rules. They’re rockin’ about four different unis too. I was born in the wrong era… I love this crap. Baseball rules.

**UPDATE** – I love the internet… via the comment section… check out Old Hoss Radbourn up at the top left. The bird!


[via Andy Gray]

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3 Responses to Oh, To Have Watched an 1886 Baseball Game…

  1. lonndoggie says:

    Don’t miss Old Hoss Radbourn in there–he’s the guy giving the finger. Won’t see that in a team photo these days either!

  2. laurie says:

    my great-grandfather, Con Daily, is also in this pic of the Beaneaters and Giants. He was a Beaneater, without a mustache.

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