The USC Athletic Center is a Friggin’ Dump

I mean, why would you ever want to play for these chumps? This place apparently only cost $70 mill to build. What a dump…



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6 Responses to The USC Athletic Center is a Friggin’ Dump

  1. Wildman says:

    Deep down inside bp, i think you love SC. HAHA

    Here are more pictures.

  2. T-Bear says:

    They should have dropped that $70 Million to buy property around campus and built a ‘no man’s land’ like the land between the trenches in WWI.

    • bp says:

      seriously. that is NOT a safe neighborhood. feared for my life there before. not even kidding.

      • Cohner says:

        You’re a wuss. Its fine. Campus is quite safe. Compare the crime statistics of the USC campus vs. UCLA campus. I bet you’ll be surprised.

        • bp says:

          yeah. i’m gonna go research crime statistics…

          and i’m not talking about campus. you know that. i’m talking about just outside of campus. and if you’re actually comparing THAT to westwood… you’ve officially gone outside of your mind.

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