You Guys Like My New Arm Tat?

ZOMG. LOLZ. J/K. That’s not my arm.

So this joker loves LA sports… I get that. Good for you dude… but c’mon… folks need to stop calling this a “Southern California” sports fan tattoo. Yes, LA is in SoCal… but nothing is more SoCal than San Diego. I don’t see any Chargers or Padres logos on that beefy arm of his. That’s a Los Angeles Sports fan tattoo…. and frankly, if I’m LA, I’m pissed he didn’t include the Galaxy and the Sparks. (No clue if the WNBA is still a league.)

Although this is a hideous tattoo, can we appreciate the Jeff Gordon/Kobe Bryant duel-meaning shout-out with “24″? No? Okay.


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4 Responses to You Guys Like My New Arm Tat?

  1. Van Diesel says:

    I dont think this guy is solely an LA sports fan. The base of his tattoo is the Houston Astros star. It might be a new addition though given the stellar season that they are having.

  2. ep says:

    Why Jeff Gordon? I don’t see any L.A. Connection on that one.

    • bp says:

      yeah. makes no sense. the dude reportedly said, “How did Jeff Gordon sneak into that tat? Born in Vallejo California.. He is one of Us… & Yes NASCAR is a sport LOL ;o) ”

      Okay? That’s not even So Cal. Good call, guy.

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