SHOCKED, I Tell You.

That’s Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus. She won the gold medal in the women’s shot put. I’ve spent the last two days of my vacation in utter disbelief of this story. Some things in life just don’t make sense. This beautiful young lady doing steroids to assist in her gold medal at the Olympics is one of those things. As ESPN tells it:

The International Olympic Committee said Ostapchuk, a former world champion, tested positive for steroids both before and after winning the shot put last week for her first Olympic gold

Before and after? Something just doesn’t add up. She doesn’t seem the type. I’m gonna easily spend the next two days of my vacation continuing to ponder how this could possibly be true…

Wait… think she was framed? I bet that’s it.


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5 Responses to SHOCKED, I Tell You.

  1. greanthumb says:

    Looks like my long lost twin…. Bahahaha

  2. Ray Finkle says:

    Can’t tell the difference btw this ahem.. “lady”… and Chubs from Teen Wolf.

  3. Cohner says:

    Finkle is Einhorn. Einhorn is Finkle. Finkle is a man!

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