Padres Reportedly Sold, Fans Explode with Emotion

So, all the reports are saying that the Padres sale to the O’Malley Group, which includes Phil Mickelson, is almost done… it’s just awaiting approval from Selig and MLB. There’s all kinds of weird going on with the deal. Details that I’m too dumb to understand… or too smart to get worked up about. How the Fox Sports San Diego TV money gets split… how in the world Moores managed to get the Moorad sale squashed, only to magically sell the team for a couple hundred million dollars more than he would have? I am willing to overlook all that.Why? I’ll tell ya.

Peter O’Malley spent serious money in LA and the Dodgers won multiple World Series championships under his watch. Once he left, McCourt drove the team into a pit of despair. Now, he has another team. He wants to solidify an already solid legacy. He wants to take a team that sucks and turn them into a champion. I love it. I’m all about it.

O’Malley has middle finger money. I can’t wait to watch him spend it. Go Padres.


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  1. lonndoggie says:

    The main thing about the O’Malley’s was that they didn’t deviate from The Dodger Way, established by Branch Rickey, which emphasized speed, pitching, defense, overall fundamentals, and building from within (e.g., a superior farm system).

    They spent wisely, but weren’t cheapskates, either.

    Which should be a great fit for our Padres, as it’s a trajectory we’re already on; some increased but not stupid spending (see Cubs) would make this thing take off.

    At least I hope that’s how it goes.

    Either that, or in about 6 years, they’ll move the team to Brooklyn…

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