How Sick is This “Chargers” Chevy Truck?

Love this Chargers truck. Saw it parked here in SD the other day. I’m not usually a fan of big stickers on cars… and I’m really not a fan of matching stickers to car colors… and yet, I love this. So clean. If I pulled up next to it in my Tacoma… if it didn’t blow my doors off, I’d be disappointed.


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6 Responses to How Sick is This “Chargers” Chevy Truck?

  1. greanthumb says:

    Nice. 71 or 72

  2. jonesy says:

    i hope you got your wood screws!

  3. Yeah that truck looks sick, I love that older C10 look… Random comment but, Dumb and Dumber is the best movie ever!

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