How Awesome is John Buck’s Comment to Bryce Harper?

So Bryce Harper struck out against Nolasco of  the Marlins. In frustration, he slammed his bat down on the plate, shattering it right in from of catcher John Buck. “I saw it hit and that’s why I kind of jumped away,” Buck said to reporters after Sunday’s game. “He told me he was really sorry, it was terrible. I told him, ‘Don’t worry about it. I did the same thing, but when I was your age it was a metal bat and I was in high school.’” Haha. That’s friggin’ awesome. Just like that… Buck put into perspective the media microscope that Harper is under. I can’t imagine all the dumb crap I did in high school sports being seen on SportsCenter every night.


[lobbed by rick]

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2 Responses to How Awesome is John Buck’s Comment to Bryce Harper?

  1. lonndoggie says:

    What strikes me as awesome topping on that awesome sundae is that Buck broke a METAL bat. Unless it was already damaged, that seems incredibly more difficult than breaking a wooden bat.

    Then again, he is a big ol’ son of a Buck.

    • bp says:

      ha. i took when he said “i did the same thing” as slamming down a metal bat… not breaking it. if he snapped it in half… that’s something legends are made of.

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