6 Responses to Best Padres Jersey Ever?

  1. AJM says:

    Haha! I thought the SD looked kind of small.

  2. greanthumb says:


  3. bp says:

    About a month ago, at Petco, I saw some dude wearing the same jersey. I went up and said, “Nice jersey. Ever notice it says ‘Radres’ on the sleeve?” He looked at me like I was the biggest moron to ever walk the earth and said, “That’s just a fancy ‘P’, bro.” and walked away.

    Okay, guy.

  4. Justin says:

    Ya im a Giants fan and there’s a ton of jersey counterfeiting going on with Giants gear up here, Chinatown Knock offs as there known in the Bay Area, With yours the D on SD is tweaked and the colors are off, i got jipped for a jack clark giants jersey back in the day the colors were blue and orange rather than orange and white, Ebay sale. Mitchell and ness should offer a jersey customizing option where you can order any player on any team ever. Cut Checks to the old players and make money off it at the same time and keep the fans happy.

  5. David says:


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