The Only Ad on a NBA Jersey That I’d Love…

That’s the only NBA ad I’d actually support…because it’s awesome. Milwaukee Big Buck Hunters! Seeing these solid Mad Magazine NBA ads from earlier clearly served as inspiration for that.

Mine’s the best though. Take that, Mad Magazine. Love Buck Hunter. I’m undefeated at Bub’s in PB. Yes, you should consider that a challenge.

I wasn’t the only one inspired. The bitmap paint gems you see below are from the lobster family… courtesy of little caster.

Very clever. #NoUniAds


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2 Responses to The Only Ad on a NBA Jersey That I’d Love…

  1. dilly says:

    I’ll take that challenge… partner.

  2. little caster says:

    your ad, is by far the best, bp. I’ll take your challenge, too. I am the big buck champion.

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