George Brett is the Sh*t

If you like to check out LobShots with your kids each morning, you’re a terrible parent… and the video below probably shouldn’t be mixed in with their afternoon cartoons.  But it sure as hell makes me wish that I was old enough to follow baseball when George Brett was in his prime.  Would have been my favorite player, for many reasons. Actually, he’s my favorite player today, and maybe tomorrow, solely based on this video I’ve watched 15 times in a row.  Check it out.  Your life will be significantly better three minutes from now.

YouTube Preview Image

Who’s the pitchers in this game?? Classic George.

- Showman

[Lobbed by Sloth]

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2 Responses to George Brett is the Sh*t

  1. Mac says:

    Tom Selleck looks like he’s gained a few lb’s, didn’t know he was an ump. Great story, I loved this one the first time i read it 3 years ago. Have you seen that wacky video of the squirrel water skiing??

  2. Dave says:

    I’m usually good for every other year.

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