Best Photo Ever Taken of Barry Bonds?

I can’t quit 1992 today. First the 1992 top 10 jams list… and now this gem of Barry Bonds? Gotta be the best photo ever taken of him, right?

I know what I’m gonna be for Halloween this year: Barry Bonds in that photo. Pink short shorts, white scrunchy socks, some old Nike Airs, and a gold chain. Pretty sure everyone will know who I am.


[pic via Andy Gray]

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4 Responses to Best Photo Ever Taken of Barry Bonds?

  1. Ray Finkle says:

    You best not leave out the flat-top fade… and the porn ‘stache. Essential elements.

    • bp says:

      right, because THEN people would know who I was…

      • Ray Finkle says:

        My apologies. The cut of jib was to assert how to make the costume more awesome. It was unrelated to profound lack of 1992 cultural knowledge possessed by the general public.

  2. Bull Benn says:

    Halloween??? Most will be unable to distinguish between costume and your usual “going out” attire. You smooth devil.

    P.S. look how small his head is- pre roids.

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