Pro Athletes LOVE to Get Arrested

Beef Mo! Marshawn Lynch’s mugshot is something to behold. He’s just one of the pro athletes to get arrested in the past week. Why? I don’t get it. I know everybody does stupid things in their life, but if you’re a pro athlete…why would you EVER get a DWI or a DUI? Buy a chauffeur. Ride in an Uber. Walk. Do something. Morons. Not just drinking and driving this past week though. Sadly, there’s no mugshot for him yet, but Dez Bryant was arrested for allegedly getting in a fight with his mom. Yes, his mom.

Jason Kidd got hammered at a charity event and wrapped his car around a telephone pole. Brilliant.

Elvis Dumervil of the Broncos was arrested and accused of aggravated assault with a firearm in Miami Beach, Fla. That’s nice. Looks very happy, actually.

One last thing… is it okay that I’m sad Marshawn Lynch wasn’t actually rockin’ “Beast Mode” for his mugshot?

Bitmap paint gold.


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6 Responses to Pro Athletes LOVE to Get Arrested

  1. Mac says:

    It’s actually pronounced “Beef Mo”
    If you’ve ever listened to him say it,

  2. little caster says:

    If only ms. bryant had brought dirty dez his meatloaf. f*ck.

      • little caster says:

        did you catch that MAH is 37?! Dez is 23… she probably doesn’t know how to make meatloaf.

        • bp says:

          yeah, i did. they’ve got a ‘storied’ past together. remember when the dolphins were under fire for asking Dez, “Is your mom a prostitute?”… totally inappropriate, under normal circumstances. except here. Dez had allegedly told them his dad was a pimp. “And what does your mom do?” “she works for my Dad” uhhhh….

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