Hey Bro, a Giant SNAKE Climbed up on Your Boat

I’m not gonna bother with the story that accompanies this photo, you can read it here if you want… I just think it’s an awesome poop-in-your-pants prompting photo of what looks to be a rattler at first glance. Then you give it a second look, and if you know anything about snakes… you realize it’s harmless and take pictures of it. The use of the word harmless here is pretty subjective though… personally, I don’t think the heart-attack you have upon first seeing it is very harmless.


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2 Responses to Hey Bro, a Giant SNAKE Climbed up on Your Boat

  1. Michael says:

    Speaking of heart attacks… stop blogging about snakes. I nearly have one every single time I am scrolling thru my blog reader and come across a picture like this. My blood. Your hands.

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