LOB COUNTRY!! Your Must Have Team USA Hoops T-Shirt

USA BASKETBALL – LOB COUNTRY!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! I get so jacked up for the Olympics… it’s hard to put into words. I also got pretty freakin’ hyped when Chris Paul came to the Clippers and “Lob City” was formed. I love Blake Griffin, like, in the kinda way I should be embarrassed by. Well, I’ll be damned for not thinking of this first… but what do you get when you’ve got CP3 and Blake Griffin on Team USA along side of the best basketball players on the planet? LOB COUNTRY, BITCHES!! Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Durant and the rest of the boys are going to light it up in London. Lobs everywhere! This shirt will be seen roaming the streets of Olympic Village. Guaranteed.

Little Caster, a lobster since the inception of LobShots, has gone and out done himself with this t-shirt. He thought of the idea, and created it himself. I absolutely love it. 12 stars on the USA flag, representing the 12-player roster. The “Patriot Edition” has 50 stars on the ball. FIFTEH. Back to Gorky Park if you don’t know why, you commie. Love that they’re the super soft American Apparel tees.  AMERICAN!! Two separate designs and you can get them in a few different colors… v-neck or regular. I’m a t-shirt conossieur and this tee is top notch. Buy yours here. Made in the USA, for the USA. Go Team.

For the record, this is still the best Lobshots sign to ever make an appearance in Lob City.


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6 Responses to LOB COUNTRY!! Your Must Have Team USA Hoops T-Shirt

  1. little caster says:

    junior sizes are also available for tiny dave.

  2. Dave says:

    i’m know your not calling me tiny, but I’ll take it as a compliment…

    fat dave

  3. LCG says:

    is that a v-neck? so hot

  4. Cohner says:

    Welp, so much for that. Blake Griffin is likely out with a knee injury. If so, would these t-shirts go the way of the losers of the Super Bowl — that is, will we now see a bunch of Somalian kids running around in Lob Country t-shirts?

  5. Dave says:

    ya’all cursed Team USA. If they don’t win the gold, we know who to blame.

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