The Best Stuff From the MLB All-Star Game – Padres Won!

Padres won the All-Star game!!! I wrote yesterday about how the city of San Diego wins as long as Huston Street doesn’t get the “Loss”. How do you prevent a Padres pitcher from getting a loss in the all-star game? First, you score 8 runs and hold the AL to zero runs… then you keep Huston Street’s ass on the bench so he can’t come in the and give up a magical 9-run homer. That’s right, Huston Street, never saw the game….so yep, Padres win!

Notable moments from the game… Erin Andrews interviewed Derek Jeter! Yea EA!

Starting off with Fox in style. Pablo Sandoval hit the ball hard, which was cool because of how badly Mets fans were bitching about Kung Fu Panda being picked over David Wright. Anyway, here’s how Gaslamp Ball described his hit: “Pablo Sandoval smacked an inside-the-park grand slam. Unfortunately, he’s morbidly obese and, as such, stopped at third base for a triple.” LOL’d me big time. Also, shoes were all the rage yesterday. Colors!

Everybody talked and talked on twitter/facebook, etc. about how KC fans booed Robinson Cano. I thought it was dumb. No way Butler deserved to be in the home run derby… but whatever… that’s what fans do. They cheer for their own, and they boo the rest. I did feel like Cano took out his butt-hurted-ness on Melky Cabrera though as he rounded the bases after a jack.

I laughed and all, but honestly, that’s pretty bush… it’s an all-star game. Get over yourself, Cano.


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4 Responses to The Best Stuff From the MLB All-Star Game – Padres Won!

  1. Dan says:

    Thought that shot w/Melky and Cano was pretty funny… all in good fun tho those two were best friends on the Yankees and apparently are still pretty close.

    • bp says:

      knew they were on the yanks together, obviously… wasn’t sure if it was bad-blood or good-natured messin’ between buddies. agree with you though, most likely the latter.

  2. You can find other angles on Melky getting left hanging by Cano on mlb’s website, and when you see Cano’s face, as opposed to Melky’s, he’s smiling and laughing. I think it was a pretty friendly non-shake by Cano.

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