If Huston Street Doesn’t Get the Loss in the All Star Game, It’s a Win for San Diego

I know that’s depressing to say… but I think it’s true. I really like Huston Street, and although I didn’t agree with him being picked as the Padres all-star…if he can get out of this game tonight without taking the loss for National League team… it’s a success. What if he gives up a bunch of runs? Who cares. The last two Padres closers to be all-stars, Trevor Hoffman and Heath Bell, have both taken the “L” for the NL team. So, if Huston can dodge that¬†bullet… it should be all smiles in San Diego.

Trevor played in the All Star game 7 times and posted a 8.53 ERA over all those games. He took the loss in 2006 for the NL. The only appearance he didn’t give up a hit was in 2000 when he only faced one batter. Heater has played in the All Star game three times. He took the loss in 2009.¬†He had an almost equally impressive ERA of 6.75 going into the game in 2011, when he did this.

I loved the move…. but pretty cocky for a dude that took the loss in 50% of his all-star appearances prior to that game. Other Padres pitchers in recent memory come to mind? Yep… one of my all time favorite dudes, C.Y. – Chris Young… was an all-star for the Padres in 2007. This is gonna come as a shock to you… but he took the Loss for the National League team. So, like I said… if San Diego doesn’t get the loss tonight… we get the win. You can do this, Huston… I know you can.


(oh, and because I know you’re wondering… no, Jake Peavy did NOT take the loss in his two appearances in the all-star game as a Padre. see? it can be done.)

[huston screengrab via @cjzero, bell via gif.mocksession.com]

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