This New Junior Seau Billboard is Very Mysterious

So that happened. Sitting in Oceanside, off the I-5 freeway near Harbor Drive, the billboard reads “In Memoriam Junior Seau” with the message “Rest in Peace” and, “1969-2012.” It’s a black and white image, so I can’t even tell what team/jersey he’s wearing… can you? Chargers? USC? Patriots? NC Times is reporting that the Seau family knew nothing of the billboard, and if you read this, you can tell the Chargers knew nothing of it either. Very mysterious. Very unsettling too. Not sure how I feel about it. If you missed my thoughts on Junior’s passing… here they are. A terrible loss to his family, to San Diego, and to anyone who ever crossed his path.



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6 Responses to This New Junior Seau Billboard is Very Mysterious

  1. Daniel says:

    There is one on Mission Gorge Road, near Vandever Ave I believe.

  2. Mac says:

    Looks like USC to me, quite strange though I agree.

  3. Wildman says:

    Its USC, white road uni’s. Probably some USC alum put it up.

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