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I HATE This New “Snoop Lion” Crap

NEW YORK (AP) — Snoop Dogg says he was “born again” during a visit to Jamaica in February, is changing his name to Snoop Lion and is ready to make music that his “kids and grandparents can listen to.” The … Continue reading

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If Movies Were Real Life… Liam Neeson Style

This is why it’s tough to wrap my head around Taken 2. Yes, the movie will be unreal, but how in the world could you be dumb enough to come at him? I’ve said it a million times. You do … Continue reading

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Slow Clap for the Dutch Field Hockey Team…

Apparently the Dutch field hockey team is all anybody can talk about. Good for them. They’re cute girls. No denying it. I offer them a slow clap… from their biggest fan. -bp [lobbed by gravy via]

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I’m sure the dude that printed this giant Steve Jobs… is the same one that put the “PLEASE DO NOT PRINT LARGE JOBS” sign up… but who cares, it’s still pretty funny. -bp [via reddit]

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Newest USC Baseball Recruit: Matt Barkley?

I kid, I kid… that’s Barkley hanging out with the Trojan baseball team. He tweeted out that photo saying “Gettin my Mike Trout on.” It took Mike Trout all of 6 minutes to respond. Here’s their convo: Here’s something oxymoronic … Continue reading

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“The Chargers are Mad as Heck…”

That’s Peter King’s assessment of the Bolts. “Mad as heck.” I have pointed out that one reason I think the Chargers have a chance at a Super Bowl run this year is because it’s the first time in a decade … Continue reading

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What the HELL is Happening With Chargers’ Back-up QBs?

That’s Kyle Boller. Once Jesus Whitehurst went down in Chargers training camp, the Bolts needed a back-up QB. Nobody liked my amazing idea to pick up Flutie, so they hit up Boller. He seemed a good choice, started a game … Continue reading

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I Love Me Some Olympic Drama…

I love the Olympics, but it’s just too much to blog about everything. I don’t have the time or the energy to post about everything going on.  So, I’ll be putting up short posts here and there about things blogworthy… … Continue reading

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Shirtless, Wet Tim Tebow Is “Better Than Magic Mike”

I had to post this for two reasons. 1) Best headline ever. 2) I love me some Tebow. -bp [lobbed by Dou via Gothamist — where there’s also a slow motion video, obviously]

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I’m Now Scared to Death of Darnell Dockett

Wow. Darnell Dockett, defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals, just instagrammed that pic. Unreal. I’m scared to death. That filter just makes him look like more of a badass. If you’re wondering what those tats look like extended. Here it … Continue reading

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