Want a 20-Year-Old, Three-Person Submarine That’s Never Been in Water? — Only $22 Grand

This has got to be one of my all-time favorite craigslist ads. Click to enlarge. Contains layers of awesome. I sent it over to Body and asked him his thoughts. Enjoy. – bp

A “sumbarine” huh? So you’re telling me that for just $22k, me and 2 of my closest buddies can get into this Sport Sub III and explore the depths of the ocean?  Not a chance.  Not even one.  You couldn’t pay me $22k to get in this thing.  I believe the warning stickers list the operational age as “6 years and up.”  It looks like one of those piss-covered-bacteria-trap rides you see in front of the local K-Mart that, for $.25, you can put your kid inside to rock back and forth. You know the one.

Little FYI to the seller of this gem…this isn’t a pair of shoes, the fact that it has never been used, is NOT a good selling point.


[lobbed by Jonesy]


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3 Responses to Want a 20-Year-Old, Three-Person Submarine That’s Never Been in Water? — Only $22 Grand

  1. Tim says:

    Chill out, Body. No reason to get upset about this sub. I own the 2 seat version. Great fun, very safe. Are you worried it might crush from water pressure? Can’t happen because it is an ambient sub. The vessel is always open so you can get out whenever you want to. It’s just a wet sub with a bubble lid you sit under. Not having been used means everything is still new. All cool. – Tim

  2. Tim says:

    It looks like someone felt adventerous. This sub was sold a few months after listing. They are rarely offered for sale, but the market isn’t large. Tim

  3. Trinaty says:

    Still have this sport sub for sale

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