“Taken 2″ is Going to be Unreal

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Seeing what he did in the first movie… you’d have to be one crazy a.hole to go after him. This one looks as amazing as the first. Cannot wait to be on the edge of my seat for two hours. Can’t get enough of Liam Neeson.


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4 Responses to “Taken 2″ is Going to be Unreal

  1. Mac says:

    So they just take his stupid daughter again? She needs to be more careful.
    If there isn’t a teddy bear, I’m not watching.

    • bp says:

      if i had even an ounce of video editing/splicing skills… i’d make a “Ted” & “Taken 2″ mash-up trailer… and it would explode the internet.

  2. Ray Finkle says:

    Throat punches and Boris the Bullet Dodger??? Sign me up…. As long as the daughter isnt trapped in the woods with Johnny Drama and a cougar, this will be an amazing film.

  3. Cree-dub says:

    Don’t you mean Finding Nemo 2?

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