Mark Cuban Verbally Bitch-Slapping Skip Bayless

YouTube Preview Image

I, like most of you, loathe Skip Bayless. I hesitate to even post this because I hate giving that clown any more press that he already receives. Watching Mark Cuban rip him a new a.hole though? I’m posting that all day long.

One last thing, Mark Cuban… please buy the Padres. Thanks.


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2 Responses to Mark Cuban Verbally Bitch-Slapping Skip Bayless

  1. Caster says:

    The most objective thing said in that interview… was said by Mark Cuban’s t-shirt. Image: Smurf reading a book. Text: “I Love Happy Endings” Every analyst wearing a suit, Mark Cuban rocking an I Love Happy Endings T-SHIRT. Puhh-lease buy the Padres.

  2. William says:

    I wish there was a new video like this released about every 20 minutes.

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