Your Two Non-Golf Highlights From the US Open

I guess the only way to stop the lobs from coming in about this rooster and his video bomb is to post about it. Not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome. Not that some idiot started coo’ing to interrupt the interview, but they way Costas was a bit flabbergasted by the whole thing… wondering what to say. Then, the icing on the cake from Webb Simpson, “Enjoy the jail cell, pal.” You gotta love the perfect usage of ‘pal’. It was wonderful.

In other golf related news, Beau Hossler is 17-years-old (a Chargers fan) and for the rest of his life he’ll be able to say three things.

1) I played in the US Open when I was 17 and shared the lead at one point.

2) I played against Tiger Woods in the US Open and beat him by 5 strokes.

3) LobShots blogged about me and my hot mom.

I give you, Amy Balsz… Beau Hossler’s mom. Yes, Amy BALSZ. It’s rather perfect.


[lobbed by bull, rirraster, king, james, and becca. image via getty and @cjzero]

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2 Responses to Your Two Non-Golf Highlights From the US Open

  1. Cree-dub says:

    I thought Simpson came off like the consummate golfer, as described by Carlin.

    NSFW language…

  2. J. Gandy says:

    check out the grip the security guard guy has on that clown’s jacket. The only way that lad is getting out of that is if he loses his left arm.

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