I’m Actually Offended by ESPN’s Tomlinson Coverage

I know, I know… stop being so damn dramatic. No, I won’t. This is offensive. LaDainian Tomlinson, who is to retire in about half an hour, is arguably the greatest Charger ever, (insert Dan Fouts and Junior Seau arguments here) and ESPN has the lead photo of him as a Jet? Then they troll with the “Tomlinson A Hall of Famer?” question? Like it’s a question. What a joke. Grow up, ESPN. He’s first ballot… no brainer. They know that… we know that. If you don’t know that… you’ve only watched football where they kick a ball around like in Euro2012 or with the words “Australian Rules” in front of it. Jokers…


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2 Responses to I’m Actually Offended by ESPN’s Tomlinson Coverage

  1. Van Diesel says:

    Or Lance Alworth, love the ESPN commercial about him cerca late 90′s/early 2000′s.

  2. Dou says:

    Why are you surprised? New York gets all the (undeserved) love in the sports media world. Even Wikipedia is beholden to NYC love. Check Dave Winfield’s page.

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