Get Me This Lobster Mug!

Would it be so damn hard for one of you lobsters to buy me this mug for Father’s Day? As the founding father of LobShots and the lobster nation… it just fits. Nothing wrong with staring at this little lobster buddy while I take down my morning cup o’ joe. Buy it for me here for only $19.99.

Okay, seriously… check out this description from Etsy. Best description of a mug in the history of mugs? “Meet the Lobster Creature Cup. Meet the Lobster. Clamp clamp clamp. Watch out for your fingers – he’s protective of his territory. But don’t worry, this lobster can take the heat.

CLAMP! CLAMP! CLAMP! WATCH OUT FOR YOUR FINGERS! haha…love it. Gold, Jerry, gold.


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6 Responses to Get Me This Lobster Mug!

  1. Ray Finkle says:

    I will most certainly not.

    But I can get you this…

  2. jonesy says:


  3. greanthumb says:


  4. bp says:

    jonesy and greanthumb – thanks, guys.

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