I Love That the Kings Won the Stanley Cup

(Andy Holzman/Daily News Staff Photographer)

The Kings won! A sunny Southern California team won the cup! Suck it East Coast! Suck it Canada! I have zero intelligent commentary to offer you on this. Why, you ask? Well, because the Kings haven’t won the Stanley cup in my life… or anybody’s, until now… that’s why. I’m a SoCal kid. So, it’s their fault I’m not a hockey fan. Well, the Kings and the San Diego Gulls… who weren’t even in the NHL and are gone now anyway.

I play sports on land…not ice. If not for Swingers… and NWA… I might’ve missed the boat on the Kings all together. RIP, Eazy-E.


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7 Responses to I Love That the Kings Won the Stanley Cup

  1. J dot says:

    Lord Stanley’s Cup is the best trophy in all of sport, no contest. Plus most of the guys that are pictured holding it up are missing teeth and that is badass!

  2. greanthumb says:

    You owned a kings hat”gangster” in middle school. It was starter, black w a silver billbil

  3. greanthumb says:

    Remember smuggling beers into the gulls game and getting busted by security? Lol. Oh yeah.. That was me and Gary?i wanna say?

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