The Durant Knight Rises…

What a picture. A passing of the torch, if you will… Duncan slumps off into the sunset…. Durant rises. What a game, too. Thunder took down the big bad Spurs. Maybe now the national media will stop jockin’ them so hard? Maybe?

Serious question… who fell deepest into depression after that OKC win last night?

- Spurs fans? They’re out and all…

- Seattle basketball fans? They used to have a team and all…

- Portland Trailblazers fans? They have an Oden instead of a Durant…

Has to be ‘blazers fans, right? I mean… the Spurs lost, sure… but they have tons of titles. And Seattle, well, they probably still consider Durant their guy and the Thunder their team… I’d think? That leaves Portland… instead of having arguably the best player in all the West, if not the NBA… they have a 7 foot tall piece of glass.


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  1. greanthumb says:


  2. Dou says:

    or d) San Diego sports fans who are reminded again that small market teams can succeed and those who say otherwise are drinking the Kool Aid of uncommitted owners and uninspired sportswriters. FREE SNIGDHA!

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