Baseball in the ’80s Was the Best…

Fred Lynn, Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson, Rod Carew. How rad were the Angels in the ’80s? Found this photo just putzin’ around the web. I freaking love it. I love that Hall of Famer Rod Carew (he converted) decided to not wear a ball cap because he knew how pimp his headband/fro combination was. I wish everybody still wore those Reggie Jackson glasses. Great photo.


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9 Responses to Baseball in the ’80s Was the Best…

  1. Mac says:

    Fred Lynn have a prize fight after this? Hand all taped up ready to rumble.

  2. Greanthumb says:

    Strait pimp. Epic shot

  3. Casper says:

    Rod Carew – the original spokesman for Soul Glo

  4. Cohner says:

    Rod went to my temple in OC. Needless to say, he stood out.

  5. Bull Benn says:

    O.J. Simpson… not a Jew
    He’s not, but guess who is, Hall ‘O Famer Rod Carew!

    I’m done.

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