Behind the Scenes at Lauren Tannehill’s “MAGAZINE” Photo Shoot

**If you’re wondering why the word “MAGAZINE” keeps showing up in this post, let’s just say I was contacted by a certain “MAGAZINE”‘s legal department… Click here to see the email threats. Now, onto the original post**

Oh my dear Lord. Those are some amazing shorts. That’s the lovely and talented internet sensation, Lauren Tannehill, wife of Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Lobshots has learned that she has indeed done a photo shoot for “MAGAZINE”, but “MAGAZINE” has yet to decide if they will run the photos and story of Mrs. Tannehill. We should know for sure if they have picked it up by next week, and how big the spread will be. Let me be the first to say that “MAGAZINE” is run by complete morons if they decide to NOT run these photos. Without further ado, here are the behind the scenes photos from the shoot, taken by the insanely talented photographer, Roger K. Snider, the same dude who has been shooting the Dos Equis, Most Interesting Man ad campaign for six years.

Shocking that HBO deciding on the Dolphins for this season’s Hard Knocks, huh?

I took the liberty of fixing the Dolphins Hard Knocks logo for series. Honesty first, HBO.

As for the “MAGAZINE” photo shoot, well, I saved the best photo for last…gulp.

That’s, uh… quite a pose, Lauren. An entire nation of young men now long to be your quarterback…


[all photos via Roger Snider, photographer to hot wives and big rigs alike. Thank you, sir]

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51 Responses to Behind the Scenes at Lauren Tannehill’s “MAGAZINE” Photo Shoot

  1. Anita Dick says:

    Ground breaking photos of a hot blonde. I’ll jump in my time machine and go back to a time when I read Maxim.

  2. Tony says:

    Last I checked Maxim isn’t about bony blondes with bad spray tans, she definitely isn’t a Florida girl they are way hotter and built like women down here, not anorexic looking young girls.

    • jonesy says:

      You like fat white chicks…..we get it.

      • Jose S says:

        You think there are fat white chicks in South Beach? LOL…She is not all that especially down here.

        • Stabmaster Arson says:

          I would tend to agree with you. There are so many pretty ladies in South Florida, still, and I’m in no way, shape or form a fan of blondes (they have to be gorgeous to get my attention), she’s pretty. I’d say 7 out of 10.

          I prefer thin over a fatty any way of the week because skinny girls can put on pounds, reverse is much more difficult. ; )

      • Timothy says:

        You need to look out for those guys in South Florida who get too much sunshine in their eyes. They start to look at Manatee’s as legitimate love machines…. LMAO

        • Stabmaster Arson says:

          LMAO, why you straight-up illin’ on Manatees? That would be an improvement over some of the cows I’ve dated, LOL.

    • Colin Harvey says:

      You would not know a woman if she sat on your face……..

      • Stabmaster Arson says:

        If that’s the only criteria you go by I’m sure you’ve been w/ a lot of ladyboys. ; )

  3. Sam Wade says:

    She is ok, relatively speaking. Yes shes hotter than 90% of the female population but in the model world(not just runway or bikini but all models) shes just ok. like a 7 out of 10 in model world.

  4. dMAN says:

    I’ll eat her p*ssy so clean

    • bp says:

      classy, bro.

    • Jeff says:

      With any justice Ryan woud feed you your tongue, right after your testicles.

      • John says:


        Take it easy there fella.

        Granted it was not a classy thing to say, but it’s a fact that 99% of males looking at a chick in these clothes and poses are thinking the ‘nasty’. (unless your gay)

        So either her man deals with it or he complains and asks her to not do the shoot. (In the end that’s all he can do because she’s old enough do do whatever she wants.)

        Your a damn fool if you think your girl posing in sexy poses and wearing tight outfits isn’t going to get men thinking sexual things.

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  6. BoulderPhinfan says:

    She’s pretty hot but she’ll be yesterday’s news pretty quick if her husband doesn’t deliver on the field.

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  8. jeee says:

    What a bunch of perverts. Jesus christ

    • bp says:

      some, yes. comment boards will be comment boards.

    • Jeff says:

      Christ Jesus said, ‘Thou shalt not covet thy quarter…. uhm neighbors wife, nor anything else.(paraphrase mine)[Jesus gifted me with humor so I know he gets my jokes] I agree they are perverts, the draft was ony at Cleveland and Miami ppl were salivating over her practically under Ryans nose. I am embarrassed for some of them. God bless the kids for being gracious.

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  10. Omar Kelly says:

    She is not that hot, and the photographer sucks at shooting, does not know how to use light. I hope this does not become another Tony Romo – Jessica Simpson disaster.

  11. JG says:

    She’s not all that. Too skinny for my taste. I could break that in half…

  12. nickp says:

    wow hot pics of Lauren Tannehill


  14. Phil Lupino says:

    The closer the bone the sweeter the meat – just sayin….

  15. Ryan Stankey says:

    Note to TOM BRADY……. Hey Tom, Our new Quarterbacks wife is hotter that your wife!!! Choke on it Mr. Bunchen!!!

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  21. Timothy says:

    Ha Ha Ha Look at the top photo where she is standing in high heels giving away some oranges. Her left foot is about 1 inch too small for the high heel shoes. LMAO I guess when the rest of your body is so hot, who cares about her shoes, right?

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  23. Proud Aggie says:

    I’d gig that!

  24. chris s. says:

    Omar is that really you?

    God I hope not because I still think you are by far the best sports writer in S. Florida. (although I think you have slipped a bit past two years but not to be too critical I give you props for talking more about the qb position, which I know is not your fortay nor your area of expertise. You are a trenches guy and I do love that about your articles, because I don’t care how good your skill position players are… It all starts up front on both sides of the ball. No doubt)

    1. To say she is not good looking is laughable, unless you want to preface it with saying cause she’s not your type. But any fool out there saying she is not a hotty is a “oron” with a Capital “M” in front of that. She is not an air brushed, plastic surgeoned made female. She is a natural beauty, that doesn’t need to get the faker tan, fake (you know what) etc. She is a natural hotty, that 99.9% of you wouldn’t be able to say Yes to her because you’d be in shock and speachless at the oppurtunity. I’ve had the pleasure to see her up close in personal and she is the real deal. If you like the air brushed, faked up girls in the mags., then so be it. But I’d take a natual beauty who isn’t stuck up about her modeling career.

    2. Do your homework on. Snider is one of the best around today, especially from the new generation. You are looking at only a few pictures leaked, that may be toss aways and after all it is Maxim, so the editing will be done well.

    Either way, I’m much more attacted to her hubby. Not in a sexual way, a football way. It’s nice to know that he won’t be out on South Beach looking for ladies, he has a model at home, who has been with him for a long time. That’s a great thing for a young qb, in a town like Miami. All good…

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  26. corners says:

    She looks like a Mrs. Universe contestant. Gorgeous!

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