My First 3 CDs

That’s what my first CD player looked like. Not sure what prompted my train of thought, but I’ll always remember my first CD player and the three CDs I got with it. I’m guessing it was Christmas of 1992, maybe 1993? I think I gave my grandpa a list of 10 CDs I wanted. I got three of them. You’re welcome.

Can’t run from your past, lobsters. Embrace your roots. I miss the early 90s version of me. I was so awesome… so black.

To the comment section. List ‘em if you remember ‘em. Remember… embrace the old you…


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25 Responses to My First 3 CDs

  1. smitty says:

    1. Green Day
    2. Radiohead
    3. Oasis (I’m ashamed of this one. Embracing though.)

  2. jimmy jim edmonds says:

    Californication, Chili Peppers
    Big Willie Style
    Enema of the State, Blink


  3. Bull Benn says:

    1. Tim Mcgraw-Indian Outlaw
    2. Clint Black
    3. Eric Clapton Unplugged & Nirvana Unplugged-bought both at the same time so they tie for 3rd.

    The first two… I grew up in Lakeside so SHUT UP.

    Sick, Late.

  4. Dou says:

    trying to remember which were tapes and which were CDs …

    Joshua Tree, U2 (since I destroyed the tape by playing it a million times)
    Jock Jams Vol. 1, ESPN (got my ass to the gym)
    Braveheart soundtrack, James Horner (blasted this while writing every paper during college, nerd-style)

    • bp says:

      i think i listened to the braveheart soundtrack every night my senior year of high school… while studying. awesome list.

  5. lonndoggie says:

    I can’t remember the first 3 CDs, only the first:
    Talking Heads — Speaking in Tongues

    But, then again, I’m no kid like y’alls. My first two *LPs*, bought the same day on family vacation:
    The Who — Tommy
    Led Zeppelin — III

    So there–the first three albums I bought in the two dominant physical music formats of the past 100 years.

    Uh…unless you count cassettes, then add
    The Replacements — When The Shit Hits The Fans
    Television — The Blow Up
    Various — Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

    • bp says:

      the lonndoggie! coming in hot! i get mad sometimes i wasn’t born in an era to buy a zeppelin LP… fantastic.

  6. Dave says:

    1) Snow, 12 inches of snow
    2) All 4 One, Self Titled
    3) Wreckx-N-Effect, Hard or Smooth

  7. Cohner says:

    Like BP, I also had those Boyz II Men and Arrested Development CDs. I did not, however, have The Bodyguard soundtrack. But I did have Color Me Badd (shoot me!).

  8. Mac says:

    1: Boyz II Men
    2: Janet Jackson- Rhythm Nation
    3:Spin Doctors – Pocket full of Kryptonite

    Definitely had Arrested Development
    First Tape was Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet and first rap tape was LL Cool J, Mama said Knock you out, followed by Young MC.

    • bp says:


      i was obsessed with Two Princes…

      i remember my Young MC tape too… I used to think the lyrics were, “hey Buster, move”

  9. Ray Finkle says:


    Boyz II Men : CooleyHighHarmony
    Wreckx-n-Effect : Hard or Smooth
    Sir Mix-a-lot : Mack Daddy

    First 3 tapes (also equally egregious):
    MC Hammer: Please Hammer Don’t Hurt em
    Vanilla Ice: To the Extreme
    C&C Music Factory: Gonna Make you Sweat

    (hangs head in shame)

    • bp says:

      nothing to be ashamed of here… those tapes are gold.

      don’t think i’ve ever listened to a song on repeat more than Ice, Ice Baby

  10. jonesy says:

    I only remember my first…4th grade, BEASTIE BOYS License to Ill

  11. RyDogg says:

    Not sure I can recall my first few CDs but I am 100% sure they all came from Warehouse’s used bins. Maybe 1995?

    1) Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
    2) The Chronic
    3) This one gets fuzzy and I am willing to show the softer side of Rydogg. It was either:
    – L.A.D. “Riding Low (Single)”
    – Boys to Men with Mariah Carey “One Sweet Day (Single)”

    What a wigga.

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