Uncle Daddy: Life Changers

See that? That’s the album, Good Mourning, that’s going to change your life. I know that sounds dramatic…standard LobShots hyperbole…it’s not. It will literally change your life. That’s how good it is. I’ve told you about these dudes before: Uncle Daddy: The Most Interesting Band in the World. I’m having trouble putting into words how huge of a favor I’m doing you lobsters by revealing their greatness to you. They’re going to be huge… promise. Here comes the glorious part, their CD is releasing on June 26th. You can pre-order the CD here. Life. Changer. If you’ve never/seen heard them before… here are two videos to catch a glimpse of greatness:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

This third one is a lyric track…also awesome… and the song is a freaking jam.

YouTube Preview Image

I can’t get enough. If you’re in LA… you just got extra lucky. They are playing the Troubadour tomorrow night. Pre-sale is sold out, but there a still walk up tickets available if you show up early enough. Here’s the flier.

Their shows are amazing. Here’s me with Mac (in the hat) after their last show.

All kinds of handsome. Pretty solid photo bomb by that clown behind us. To those of you that are hearing of Uncle Daddy first here… you’re welcome.


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8 Responses to Uncle Daddy: Life Changers

  1. William says:

    They stole the name of the “Good Mourning” album from Alkaline Trio.

    • bp says:

      never heard of ‘em… guarantee uncle daddy never has either.

      did your parents steal your name from braveheart, i wonder?

  2. Moses says:

    William, who are Alkaline Trio?

  3. William says:

    And that is how little your favorite band knows about the interwebs or music, for that matter. Did you know that by putting quotes around a phrase that your search engine will search for THOSE words in THAT order? Technology is amazing.
    Solid work.

  4. TJ says:

    Hey William. Yes, we stole it from the Alkaline Trio. We also stole it from a song by India Arie, the Center for Good Mourning in Little Rock AR (http://www.archildrens.org), the My Good Mourning Place in Milwaukee WI (http://www.mygoodmourningplace.org/), and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled, of all things, “Good Mourning”, that aired in 2009. This habit was just the continuation of us beginning our days by stealing our band name from my mom’s brother and my sister’s mother’s husband. We’re sorry, we’re in treatment for the rampant kleptomania.

    -TJ (name stolen from Tijuana)

    • bp says:

      This is my new favorite comment in the history of LobShots.

    • William says:

      How many of the other uses were of a collection of recorded released as an album named “Good Mourning,” exactly? OK, the answer is one (1).
      Two (2) is the number hierarchically located between one (1) and three (3).
      You may be chronologically challenged (just a guess as you seem to have trouble differentiating between “types of things”) so I’m guessing time as a theory may be a touch beyond your ken.
      Your band released the 2nd album of recorded music named “Good Mourning,” chronologically speaking. This can be proven with science and charts.

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