Today’s Lesson in Beach Etiquette: Don’t Set Yourself on Fire

MISSION BEACH — San Diego police are investigating after a woman in her 30s set herself on fire at Mission Beach Saturday evening in front of several horrified witnesses.

The woman was with a man near a gazebo at Mariner’s Point about 6:45 p.m. when she doused herself with a flammable liquid, police said. She then walked up to one person and asked for a lighter.

When she did not get a lighter, the woman walked over to a barbecue grill, reached in, grabbed a hot coal and set her arm aflame, police said.

She then used her arm to set the rest of her body on fire.

The woman, believed to be homeless, was taken to a hospital where she is being treated for second- and third-degree burns over 50 percent of her body, police said.

Mental illness is real, folks. Real and sad. Hope this woman gets the help she needs because the last thing we need on our San Diego beaches are people lighting themselves on fire. What if the person she walked up to did have a lighter? “Sure, here ya go… WOAH! OH GOD, NO!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU’RE ON FIRE!! STOP DROP AND ROLL! RUN INTO THE OCEAN! WHY DID YOU DO THAT? Can I have my lighter back?


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One Response to Today’s Lesson in Beach Etiquette: Don’t Set Yourself on Fire

  1. LS says:

    If you knew the real story behind this young woman you would be horrified. She is my only daughter ~ whose journey in the world of meth addiction lead her to this end.

    For almost 2 years we desperately tried to get the medical, mental health and criminal justice system to help this mother of 3. We searched the streets of Las Vegas day and night. We would find her ranting and raving and walking in the middle of traffic down the middle of the street, sleeping in alleys, an living in abandoned houses. We called paramedics, we followed them and sat outside the ER for hours waiting to talk to someone who would listen. Instead they sent her to a mental health facility (we called, stayed on hold for hours, and went to the facility, but we were not allowed to speak to anyone to let them know the dire situation of this young woman ~ mother ~ daughter). 72 hours later they (the local mental health hospital) handed her $10.00 and without even letting us know, released her back into the streets of Las Vegas. Just to repeat the scenario. We tried to file missing person reports (it’s her choice to be missing they told us). I talked to doctors, and mental health professional, however since she was an “adult” ~ her mother, her husband, and her family had no say. None! Absolutely none!

    Because we, once affluent ~ with a loving home, a prosperous business, and dreams for my only child and her family ~ lost everything in the 2009 economic crisis, we no longer had the financial resources to “pay” for her to get help. We had to try to rely on, fight for, beg the system (that I had paid into for my entire working life) for help for my daughter. The result ~ she continued to wander the dark streets of Las Vegas and journeyed deeper into drug addiction and mental illness.

    How she ever got to San Diego, we do not know. However, a social worker in the San Diego area found me 2 days ago and told me where she was. I’m desperately trying to get to San Diego from Las Vegas to see what is left of my daughter. And praying the establishments that let her down, that allowed her to descend into this literal hell, will see where their “rules” and lack of compassion lead a once vibrant, healthy, successful , loving young mother ~ who, before meth had everything to live for.

    This is one ~ of many many American tragedies. After over 2 months in a coma, she is still alive thanks to the dear people (my new angels) who cared for her burnt body and broken spirit in San Diego and somehow searched until they found me in Las Vegas. I gave birth to her ~ they are giving her life back.

    And once I can get back on my feet I am going to find a way (come hell or high water) to help other families who have daughters, sons, and family members who have the misfortune of becoming a statistic of our broken system.


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