Is It Possible that Japan is Lazier than America?

TOKYO — Honda Motor Co. unveiled its latest electric vehicle Tuesday, but it is unlike any of the cars and motorcycles the company is best known for.

Rather, the UNI-CUB single-seat, unicycle-like vehicle looks something like a vacuum cleaner with a bicycle saddle mounted on top. Indeed, viewed from the side, its black-and-white color scheme makes it look strikingly like a penguin.

On the UNI-CUB, riders move backward and forward, side-to-side or diagonally at a top speed of 3.7 mph (6kph) just by shifting their weight. It is latest product of the robotic technologies Honda has been developing…

Is that what’s happening here? Japan got so wrapped up in their attempts to be better than America in everything…that they now want to be better at being fat? Because that’s exactly what this stupid little penguin pod is gonna create… tons of fatasses.


[lobbed by Mac -”If I ever see you riding one of those, I will tackle you, and ride it around“]

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2 Responses to Is It Possible that Japan is Lazier than America?

  1. Mac says:

    Doesn’t it seem like if you hit the brakes on that thing that you’d go flying forward? I’d like to see that lady launch off onto her soon to be fat face.

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