Happy Birthday, Caster

Caster, slaying it for about thirty years… about.

Happy Birthday to Caster, one of my favorite people on the planet. He’s been a lobster extraordinaire since the inception of LobShots. In fact, he came up with the name “lobsters” for all of you.  He’s been guest blogger about his NASCAR experience. He’s provided numerous lobs and insight to mysteries previously unsolved. He’s posted comments, one of which is up there as one of my favorites of all-time. Oh, and he, hands down, created the greatest Christmas card in the history of Christmas cards. All that’s just icing on the cake though… more than anything, he’s a good friend and I’m blessed to have him in my life. Love you, man.

I see you. Happy Birthday.


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5 Responses to Happy Birthday, Caster

  1. dilly says:

    about 30? about 40? hmm…

  2. Caster says:

    Never had a chance to properly thank you for this touching birthday blog-shout. You certainly know how to grab onto my heartstrings and give a firm and loving yank. Thank you. keep doing your thing, please.

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