Meatloaf and Mattingly – A Match Made in Heaven

How great is this 1994 photo? Donnie Baseball just chilling with Meatloaf. I can’t stop staring at Meatloaf’s mullet…. or Mattingly’s mustache. What if Meatloaf had Donnie’s mustache or Donnie had Meatloaf’s mullet? The 1994 world might’ve exploded had that combination of grooming godliness been combined to create the ultimate super-human.


[pic via Andy Gray]

(an aside: when I first posted this blog.. it was up for a couple minutes with the title “Meatload and Mattingly…” i find that comical. good talk.)

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3 Responses to Meatloaf and Mattingly – A Match Made in Heaven

  1. Mac says:

    Same goes if he were any less handsome as well.

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